ENAV reduces terminal charges by 25%

ENAV, the Italian air navigation provider has reduced the charges for airport operations* by 25%.

The new fees, in force between 1 September to 31 December 2013, will enable around €20 million savings for all airlines using Italian airports.

Despite the crisis of the air transport sector that has seen the number  of flights reduce to 2006 levels, the reduction of the terminal charges has been possible due to increasing efficiency achieved over recent years by ENAV, leading to a 3.6 per cent containment of costs, in accordance with the targets defined in the Single European Sky National Performance Plan.

ENAV has ended the 2012 financial year with a profit margin of around €46 million, one of the best performances achieved by the company in recent years, in a context marked by traffic decrease of 3% for en-route and 5.7% at airports.

“Thanks to the good results achieved so far, deriving from effective economic and operational management,” said Massimo Garbini, ENAV CEO. “ENAV is in a position to reinvest its own resources to stimulate the economic growth and provide relief to the aviation sector in such difficult times. On the basis of the outcomes of such initiative, ENAV will consider to replicate it also in 2014.”

ENAV is recognised at European level as one of the best service providers also for its operational performance, with no delays registered for controlled flights in 2012.

*Charges for airport operations are paid by carriers in order to have assistance for flights both inbound and outbound, and are applied to operations in proximity to the airport of departure and arrival within a radius of around 20 km.

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