Germany’s controllers to walk out in protest

German air traffic controllers are to strike against Brussels’ plan to accelerate airspace harmonisation as part of the Single European Sky programme, according to trade union Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung.

Why are Europe’s controller unhappy?

The Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination has already announced actions for that day to protest.

The association of trade unions opposes European Commissioner Siim Kallas’ that could, they claim, endanger controller jobs within the EU member states in its drive to improve cost efficiency for the 2015-2019 period.

Air navigation service providers would have to either radically raise charges or cut costs drastically to meet Kallas’ targets, said Matthias Maas who heads Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung.

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One Response to Germany’s controllers to walk out in protest

  1. Vaima Shamar says:

    Every European ATM professional can demonstrate that the invoked benefits of the Single European Sky only exist in empty heads of some politicians in Brussels and some equipment manufacturers that feed them. In the end, the airspace has to always be chopped down to a manageable sector that a sector team can handle. Whether the next sector is in the same room or thousand miles away is completely irrelevant for productivity. This comes from (1) rational sector design and this is done today not only within the same FIR but across FIRs. (2) adequate controller tools and that does not require that they be the same between sectors and (3) good, ideally automated means of coordination between sectors, and again that does not require that the next sector be the same room. Unfortunately the agenda is driven, as almost always is, by those that have no clue and are the useful fools of those with their own agenda that is not necessarily the one that better serves the population at large. I’m glad the European ATM professionals are awake!.