Croatia makes AIDA-NG debut

Croatia Control has taken into operation their up-to-date messaging system which now acts as an AFTN/AMHS switch and flight plan converter.

The Croatian customer is now fully capable of migrating their national and international messaging services from X.25/CIDIN to IPv6. It then intends to establish AMHS connections with the adjacent messaging partners Austria and Italy. Previous interoperability tests with the Vienna based system have proven the systems’ readiness.

In a first step in 2012 the components necessary to cope with the changes in flight plan formats were installed in compliance with ICAO requirements according to FPL2012. With completion of the site acceptance and operational cut-over the customer is now able to benefit from the new systems’ increased technological advantages like high connectivity, high performance and outstanding extendibility. With the introduction of AMHS additional features like web-based services and the exchange of XML-based formats will be available.

Dario Milić, project manager of the Croatian ANSP confirmed: “Increasing demands on air traffic volume and maintenance of efficient and safe regulation of our airspace was the reason for us to choose the AIDA-NG and CADAS systems. The ability for us to now use an AMHS capable system has brought our services fully in line with the latest ICAO standards.”

The AIDA-NG was delivered with its complementary system, the user terminal solution CADAS, providing access to all relevant aeronautical information. CADAS equally supports AFTN and AMHS services.

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