ENAV optimises routes with French, Swiss

The WE FREE (Weekend Free Route for Environmental Efficiency) project has successfully concluded.
Launched two years ago in order to study and use direct routes per flights originating at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport for eight Italian destinations: Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Venice Tessera, Turin Caselle, Verona Villafranca, Genoa, Bologna and Pisa.
WE FREE, developed within the SESAR(Single European Sky ATM Research) project, involves the collaboration of ENAV, SKYGUIDE (the Swiss service provider) DSNA (the French service provider), ALITALIA and AIR FRANCE.
The new routes were flown on the two weekends of 16/17 and 23/24 November, thus providing the first operational demonstration of the Single European Sky, the reform promoted by the European Commission to increase the efficiency of the air traffic management system in the area with the highest flight density in the world, with peaks of over 33,000 aircraft every day.
The routes were flown and for each stretch, the result was up to 35 nautical miles less with savings of approximately 200kg of fuel and a consequent reduction of CO2 emissions totalling 600 kg. This is a significant overall result, considering that the Paris-Rome route has 10 flights per day.
“We are extremely satisfied by the work conducted in synergy with the other partners,” said CEO Massimo Garbini, “and for having concretely demonstrated that the reform of the Single European Sky, something we have always very much believed in, thanks to the research and innovation of the SESAR programme, will lead to benefits with an absolute value for the entire air transport system both in terms of economic efficiency and respect for the environment.
Starting from 2008, ENAV has already implemented a plan to restructure its own air space, and thanks to this the carriers have already had fuel savings of over 60 million Euro.
These are the details of the savings on the various routes:

Paris – Rome: 200 kg, 6 min., -35 nautical miles
Paris – Linate: 180kg, 5 min., -30 nm
Paris – Venice: 200 kg, 5 min. -35nm
Paris – Verona, Genoa, Bologna: 180 kg, 4 min. – 25 nm
Paris – Turin, Pisa: 100 kg, 2 min. -15 nm