Atlantic vindicated on RNP investment

Atlantic Airways’ latest quarterly figures note the impact of severe and sustained fog in the Faroe Islands in July, mitigated to some extent by RNP AR 0.1 satellite-based operations.

Third quarter 2013 financials results show increased revenues, earnings and passenger numbers thanks to the introducton of the second and third A319 aircraft which generated improved seat economy, increased flight regularity and which helped open new markets for both scheduled and charter services.

The A319 fleet has been modified in order to support the ground-breaking RNP AR navigational aid system. The system has improved the regularity and saved the company a number of diversions.

However, in July severe fog caused unprecedented weather interruptions over a period of four weeks. The total cost of the interruptions and delays is estimated to 8.5 MDKK.

“Without the RNP AR equipped aircraft we would have experienced further 20 diversions and could have incurred much higher costs,” said Atlantic Airways chief executive Magni Arge.

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