Saab, LFV readies for remote tower launch

The pioneering remote tower solution developed by Sweden’s LFV and Saab will see the world-first facility granted a licence for operations in the New Year.
Ready for operational launch in the first quarter of 2014, the technology gives LFV the opportunity to both securely deliver services and reduce costs for our customers, explains marketing manager Niclas Gustavsson.

“Interest has been phenomenal,” said Gustavsson. “This week we will demonstrate the system to potential interested parties in 25 different countries.”
“Saab has successfully created an entirely new global market for remote tower services which doesn’t pose technical issues anymore but is rather a question of implementation, says Per Ahl, Saab marketing manager, air traffic management.
Cameras and sensors are strategically placed at the airport and everything they register is linked in real time to air traffic control and projected on 360 degree screens. Rather than looking through the window at the aircraft, you see them on the screen.
The air traffic controller manages aircraft as if in a real tower.The technology is now ready to be launched operationally in Sundsvall where the air traffic control centre is located and Örnsköldsvik Airport.
The Swedish Transport Agency aims to grant the licence for operations during January. Örnsköldsvik will be the first airport in the world to be controlled from a distance.