UK wind turbine selected to power ILS

Evance Wind Turbines, a manufacturer of small wind turbines, has been selected by NAV Portugal, to provide a 5kW turbine for Santa Maria airport in the Azores as part of an off-grid renewable energy system.

SEGMA, who provide engineering and maintenance services, managed the installation of the energy system for NAV Portugal, the Portuguese air navigation services provider. NAV Portugal has air traffic control centres in Lisbon and Santa Maria covering the airspace above the Portuguese mainland and some islands, as well as a vast area in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The recently commissioned installation comprises an Evance 5kW wind turbine (painted in line with the airports infrastructure and ICAO rules), 6kW solar and a control room which houses the electrical elements along with a large battery bank for energy storage. The energy generated by this system will be used to power the instrument landing system (glide slope) at the airport.

“We were delighted that the Evance turbine was selected for this important airport service,” commented Luis Marinho, CEO of WindUp, the Evance reseller in Portugal. “We are seeing an increase in the level of interest in renewable energy in Portugal. Across the country many businesses have assets in remote locations so see the potential commercial and environmental benefits for off-grid renewable energy systems.”


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