Italy’s ENAV reduces airport fees again

ENAV, the Italian air navigation service provider, together with the nation’s finance and transport ministries, its CAA and Air Force, have together reduced flight assistance fees for airport operations again for 2014.

The reduction is valid as from January 2014 and is applied on the basis of a new set of fees in line with European Community rules and calls for dividing up fees for airport operations into three bands instead of the sole tariff in use until now.

“Considering that, without any intervention, the sole tariff for 2014 would have been €269.78, ENAV’s intervention shows a reduction of 27.4% on the first band, 20.6% on the second band and 8.8% on the third, ” said ENAV.

The three different tariff areas feature:

  • Area 1: includes airports with more than 225,000 movements a year (Rome Fiumicino airport) for which a fee of Euro 195.79 will apply.
  • Area 2: includes airports with between 225,000 and 70,000 movements a year (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Venice Tessera) with a fee of Euro 214.15
  • Area 3: includes airports with a number of movements below 70,000 (all the other airports presently subject to fees). Thanks to the quoted use of internal resources, this band, instead of increasing will stay at Euro 246,05, the same amount as 2013

The reduction of fees was made possible by further gains in efficiency by the company during 2013 and due to the use of internal resources for over €24 million.

ENAV therefore continues its support for the airline sector in line with what was already achieved in the last quarter of 2013 which saw a reduction of 25% of airport fees with a saving of around 20 million Euro for the companies.

ENAV chief Massimo Garbini said: “Although 2013 saw a sharp decrease in the number of flights to our airports compared to the already difficult 2012, with this further structural intervention to our airport fees, even with our resources, we have demonstrated, our capability of supporting the national air transport system with solid facts.”

* Fees for airport operations are paid by airlines for air navigation service both during take off and for landing and apply to operations near the airport of departure and arrival within a range of around 20 km.

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