STRIKE: Union secures state support on charges

French controllers’ union SNCTA confirms that the strike action planned between 27-31 January has been cancelled after support was secured at governmental level for a review of the huge cost savings Brussels expects its air traffic control agency to make.

On the Twitter social media site, the union said a re-evaluation of  the proposed reduction in the level of charges it could impose on airspace users in the future ‘would allow the country to finance its strategic plan to modernise its ATM systems and begin de-leveraging the French civil aviation authority’.

Europe’s network manager Eurocontrol has confirmed that planned industrial action by both German and French  controller unions has either been cancelled or stepped down.

Although the Brussels-based organisation gave no reason for the cancelled strike action by German controllers’ union GdF when it posted its network update, it was known that national carrier Lufthansa on Friday went to court to attempt to stop the strike.

Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Cyprus have issued notice of their involvement, with action ranging from 15 minutes to hours on end, although all these plans are subject to change, and cancellation.

Eurocontrol also noted that the SNCTA had cancelled its five-day strike plans between 27 -31, but that union members would still be participating in the action called by the ATCEUC umbrella organisation on 29 January and by the European Transport Federation on 30 January.

Air traffic controllers are protesting against plans from the European Commission to cut costs which they say will reduce safety.

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