Achievement: What do you think are the top three achievements of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme to date?

Chris Benich webChris Benich, Honeywell First and foremost, the SESAR programme has provided a business case for ATM change in Europe and brought attention to the challenge. Thanks to the work of SESAR there is a growing awareness across governments and the industry of the challenge that Europe is facing and the implications in terms of capacity and growth if we do not act to make the Single European Sky (SES) model successful.

Secondly, SESAR’s technological progress to date has been extremely positive. Validation exercises for technologies such as i4D show the potential that these solutions have to deliver against the ATM Master Plan goals.

And thirdly, SESAR has led the way in driving regional change in ATM. Europe is now a leader in advancing the management of airports and airspace to improve efficiency and increase capacity, and its progress and experience have been valuable to similar global efforts.

Philip ClinchPhilip Clinch, SITA The main success of the SESAR programme has been to show in one place in a very open way all the work that needs to be done to define and implement modernised air traffic management.

A specific SESAR project success was the initial 4D flight showing how ground and airborne systems can made to work together in air traffic management.

A third SESAR achievement has been to officially open up the domain of integrated flight management by the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) and airline flight planning systems to optimise overall performance.

Lars LindbergLars Lindberg, Avtech Initial 4D (i4D) exporting the trajectory out of the Flight Management System (FMS) is one of the top three achievements. Yes, it was done before on the B737 Smiths FMS but it was proven through SESAR that air/ground automation can be connected forming the baseline of the future ATM system. This was also a cornerstone in the SESAR definition phase and it was very important to demonstrate that it could be done with software upgrades on existing FMS platforms

Another achievement was using the 4D capability and extending the Arrival Management (AMAN) horizon in such a way that actual management of the flow could be achieved without holding or other tactical intervention. This also connects with other operational aspects that can be achieved when there is predictability in operations: airport Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), departure Management (DMAN) and very importantly airline and airport processes that eventually results in a better experience for the passenger.

Another very important achievement of SESAR is the wake vortex area where several important achievements have been made. More are in the pipeline; EU RECAT, Time Based Separation etc.

Patrick SchusterPatrick Schuster, Airbus The top three achievements of the SESAR programme to date have been firstly the European ATM Master Plan, providing a shared high-level view and roadmap of the required transformation needs. Secondly, the European ATM flexible research framework, providing a collaborative opportunity between most key actors and thirdly, air/ground interoperability, providing understanding and consent on common trajectory usage as one of the key vectors of ATM transformation.

Maurizio FornaioloMaurizio Fornaiolo, Alenia The ability to work in a public-private partnership. This way of working and collaborating to achieve the same objectives among industries, air navigation service providers, airports, airspace users, associations and with the European Commission is probably the most important achievement and success of the SESAR programme. Another achievement was the openness to accepting a common development concept, while overcoming different approaches and sovereignty concerns with respect to airspace management. Also, a common approach was defined and endorsed by everybody despite the large differences among the different stakeholders.

Thomas BrehmerThomas Brehmer, AviAlliance Among the most important achievements of SESAR are the determination of performance as the ultimate guarantor of the benefits of the programme; the establishment of Eurocontrol as Network Manager; and airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

Performance measurement and goal-setting is a multidimensional system that will enable constant improvement in aviation, especially as it encompasses additional aspects of the industry and further features of operations.

The Network Manager has the organisational competence and authority over the planning and monitoring of the entire European upper airspace, a major step toward the achievement of coherence in the European aviation operations.

A-CDM represents a seismic shift in intra-industry relations, stressing collaboration and inclusiveness. It is also the initiative that will cement the complete aviation network, unifying the air and ground components.

A common operating system for each European airport is an ideal of SESAR. A common operating system for European aviation in general, would eventually eliminate operational redundancy, simplifying interfaces between the aviation actors and most importantly, offer airspace users a common and familiar operational environment across Europe.

The major endeavour of today is the implementation of the new common operating system. 2014 will see the beginning of the realisation of the pilot common project, a subset of common projects under SESAR.

Luc-LALLOUETTE webLuc Lallouette, Thales  The top three achievements have been: the setting-up of a collaborative pan-European research and development approach; System Wide Information Management (SWIM)/Interoperability (IOP) and Initial Trajectory Management and air/ground exchange of trajectory information (Extended Predicted Profile (EPP) towards i4D).

Ramon TarrechRamón Tarrech, Indra The key actors of the European ATM industry have fully coordinated their research and development activities under a single programme. This is reflected into SESAR’s goals and deployment orientation. So far, among technological achievements where Indra has been involved, a major achievement has been the successful demonstration on sharing the 4D-trajectory between airborne and ground systems.

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