EU/US Collaboration: Do you think there is sufficient collaboration between Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) and its US counterpart NextGen? If so, what are the benefits?

Maurizio FornaioloMaurizio Fornaiolo, Alenia The SESAR Joint Undertaking and the European Commission have launched a certain number of actions to obtain some coordination between SESAR and NextGen but probably such measure should be reinforced to reach the common goals identified by ICAO. At the end of the process, only one airspace and one ATM will be available, under which all airspace users – without any flag – will have to operate.

Luc-LALLOUETTE webLuc Lallouette, Thales Collaboration between SESAR and NextGen is a must as aviation is a global business and interoperable solutions must be developed. The aeronautical community has worked in that spirit for some time under the umbrella of ICAO. Through the work of standardisation bodies such as EUROCAE and RTCA there is no risk that local solutions are being developed. Co-ordination between Europe and the US is at an adequate level, ensuring that no divergence in the development of operational concepts and technological enablers will hamper the improvement of the ATM system.

Philip ClinchPhilip Clinch, SITA The regular pronouncements on SESAR/NextGen harmonisation fail to take into account the fundamentally different political and acquisition environments that make harmonisation possible only at standards level, not at internal implementation level.The key to NextGen success will be the US Government’s ability to make the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization into an air navigation service provider (ANSP), charging airlines for services and using that revenue according to priorities it sets itself outside Congressional line item control.It is not clear how European organisations can influence the required US debate except to show how European ATM has been improved by having the ANSPs consider their customers to be airspace users and passengers rather than their respective governments.

Chris Benich webChris Benich, Honeywell There is good collaboration between Single European Sky/SESAR and NextGen at both the macro (government to government) and micro (standards development) levels.  Additional efforts to integrate technology developments and operational demonstrations would be beneficial.  This would help streamline communication and, in this time of challenging government budgets, leverage investments made in both regions.

Patrick SchusterPatrick Schuster, Airbus The coordination of the airborne industry has begun, and is demonstrating a certain level of convergence on overall objectives towards a seamless worldwide interoperable system. Nevertheless, national interests and different perceptions still need high-level attention in respect to standardisation, rulemaking, the development of concepts and enabling technologies. Increased collaboration on developing proof of concepts on both sides of the Atlantic together with roadmap coordination would significantly ensure the reduction of airborne equipage costs.

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