WATM: GroupEAD to support AZANS on ADQ

Azabaijan air traffic agency AZANS has selected GroupEAD to support them on their way to ADQ compliance.

The agreement was signed at World ATM Congress 2014 in Madrid, Spain, March 4-6.

GroupEAD and AZANS are ready to start working on the definition of the plan that will lead AZANS to meet all the requirements from EC regulation 73/2010. This plan, known as Roadmap to ADQ Compliance, will define every step that will lead AZANS to meet each of the more than 350 requirements that GroupEAD ADQ expert team has identified in the regulation.

The Roadmap to ADQ Compliance will also set a timeline to allow AZANS to implement the regulation in the most time-efficient way, according to the available resources of the organisation at every point in time.

This agreement establishes GroupEAD as the reference company to analyse, evaluate and define the way towards a successful and economically optimised ADQ implementation.

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