WATM: Helios in benchmarking bid

Industry consultancy Helios is to help the Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation (CANSO) compare the productivity, cost-effectiveness, pricing, revenue and profitability of air traffic control agencies in an effort to gauge the best – and worst – performers.

Helios already benchmarks the performance analysis for ANSPs individually, collectively as Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs), and for the Eurocontrol Performance Review Unit (PRU) for its ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) reports over the past 10 years.

Helios executive chairman Dr Mike Shorthose said: “Benchmarking has an important role to play in improving performance and identifying best practice. We believe that CANSO members will recognise the benefits of participating and appreciate some of the small modifications we are implementing that will help deliver more meaningful data. The aim is to introduce one-step data validation, regional and ‘peer group’ reporting as well as additional profiling data.”

CANSO said: “Performance measurement and global benchmarking support CANSO’s strategic objective of transforming global ATM performance. Benchmarking is an important management tool that supports improvements in the provision of air navigation services. It also supports CANSO’s advocacy for policies and regulatory practices by States that will help air navigation service providers to improve their performance. By using Helios’ expertise we believe we will improve the quality and usefulness of the Report and, hopefully, increase participation, as well as providing evidence of progress in improving global ATM performance.”

CANSO said its Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2014 will provide the robust and reliable data needed to support its Vision 2020 transformation programme, while maintaining confidentiality and building trust in the process.

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