WATM: NAV CANADA teams with Airbus Defence

NAVCANatm, a division of NAV CANADA and provider of advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions, will team with Airbus Defence and Space to offer a solution for the SysAT Programme of the Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA) of France.

Together, the team’s capabilities offer a comprehensive tower and approach solution.

NAVCANatm, with its proven record in the development and deployment of ATM products world-wide, will be offering its NAVCANsuite tower automation solution.

NAVCANsuite includes features such as electronic flight strips, operational data management, digital-automatic terminal information services, voice communication control, and an integrated electronic surveillance system on up to four touch screen monitors at each controller workstation.

Airbus Defence and Space will be offering its expertise in large ground systems design, development, integration and validation, and deployment, in addition to related program management. The company has extensive experience delivering complex projects on both domestic and international environments.

The NAVCANatm and Airbus Defence and Space solution will support improved coordination and communications between ATC, airport and airline operations, helping to enhance the air traffic management safety and efficiency.


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One Response to WATM: NAV CANADA teams with Airbus Defence

  1. Alfredo Walter Nuñez Gonzalez says:

    Como Controlador de Transito Aereo me da mucha satisfacción que NAVCAN esté contribuyendo a las soluciones de navegación especialmente por satélite de transito aéreo para una navegación segura, eficaz y ordenada para el bien de los prestatarios de los servicios de TA con la finalidad de dar seguridad a los usuarios. bien felicitaciones sigan adlt . saludos .