MH370 probe assessing Bay of Bengal sightings of missing jet


GeoResonance has discovered what it believes to be the wreckage of a commercial aircraft approximately 190km south of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal sitting on the seabed approximately 1000m from the surface.

Malaysia is working with its international partners to assess the credibility of reports of potential aircraft wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Bay of Bengal, confirmed transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein in an investigation update issued today.

“In line with Malaysia’s consistent stand of verifying and corroborating any new lead since day one of the search operations, we are aware of a report citing the detection of potential aircraft wreckage in the Bay of Bengal. China and Australia are also aware of this report,” he said. “Malaysia is working with its international partners to assess the credibility of this information.”

Statement Issued By GeoResonance

Australian exploration company GeoResonance has claimed to have found the wreckage of an aircraft, six weeks after the disappearance of the aircraft on 8 March in the Bay of Bengal, 5,000 km from the current search location in the southern Indian Ocean off Perth using over 20 technologies to analyse data.


During its search for MH370 GeoResonance detected the various chemical elements that make up a Boeing 777 aircraft: aluminium, titanium, copper, steel alloys, jet fuel residue, in addition to other substances.

“The fact that MH370 has still not been found underscores the complexity and difficulty of this search operation,” reported the minister.

He said Malaysia will now discuss with its international counterparts, including the Australian authorities which have the search for MH370 off the coast of Perth, how the new search operation, as announced earlier this week by Australia’s prime minister Tony Abbott will proceed.

Hussein said discussions would include issues such as the deployment of assets with deep sea search capabilities, the cost of the operation and how best authorities can ensure relatives of MH370 passengers are properly informed of the latest developments.

Hussein reported that Malaysia has also appointed the investigator in charge for the international investigation team: Dato Kok Soo Chon, a former director general of the Department of Civil Aviation and also a former permanent representative to the ICAO Council in Montreal.

possible-locations-of-mh370-dataThe investigation team, which has already commenced its work, includes the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), China’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Department (AAID) of The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), France’s Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and representatives of ASEAN from Singapore and Indonesia. Included in the team are Boeing, Rolls Royce and Inmarsat.

Hussein said the main purpose of the investigation team is to evaluate, investigate and determine the actual cause of the incident so similar incidents could be avoided in the future.

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14 Responses to MH370 probe assessing Bay of Bengal sightings of missing jet

  1. patrick says:

    i personally feel bearing of the missing plane went out of the flying route,that means the plane has been hijack flying on unregistered flight route.this plane should be captured as a pirate plane and should be brought down as we do not know the motive of this plane,it could be for sabotaging purpose, flying around its dangerous and the if spotted sould be brought down before it fly around causing burden in controling air traffic

  2. Steve Winter says:

    That’s some proprietary technology Georesonance have! That resolution, from orbit, with no noise, at a depth of 1000m! Curious how the plane is so perfectly oriented N-S, too.

  3. Luigi says:

    Lends more credence to the claim that the hijacked plane was enroute to Diego Garcia US military base and was defensively shot down by the U.S. And covered up.

    • DrScott622 says:

      Why would you fly a hijacked plane to Diego Garcia US Military Base when you know they won’t allow it or if they land you under escort you’ll be arrested? That’s like driving drunk to the sheriff’s office and turning yourself in! How about an old airstrip left over from the Vietnam war in the jungle somewhere in SE Asia.

  4. Tina Foley says:

    Where is that in conjunction to Maldives didn’t those residents say it was flying low North to South? Is this area visible from Maldives? Area 4 above appears it would be but are they saying that yellow dot is the plane?

  5. David says:

    The whole thing is a farce. You would assume a cover potentially – but none of it makes any sense.

  6. Lesley says:

    I believe that the plane had technical difficulties, cutting power. The pilots decided to turn around and found communications had been lost. Sticking to commercial air routes so they would be recognised they made their diversion. The power cut then became critical, affecting some controls. Realising that they would not make it back from there take off airport, they then set a course for Diego Garcia because this was over water incase they had to ditch in the sea and IS designated as an emergency land point for aircraft in trouble. They decided to fly low in order to use mobile phone to contact the ground. On there approach to Garcia the pilots were asked to identify themselves but could not. From the military base they looked like a hijacked plane complete with transponders and communication disabled. Fearing the worst, 9/11 once again, MH370 was shot down. Realising their error, a cover up commenced. The wreckage was cleaned up, although some seems to have turned up in the Bay of Bengal and false pinger signals emitted in the Indian Ocean. The plane will never be found, it’s not there. Many lives will be saved because of this sickening cover up, China and America at war….. World deviation. Heroism not terrorism.

  7. ghjghjg says:

    the orientation could be explained by the plane flipping over while sinking

    the resolution can be explained by the fact the company works in 2 stages, remote sensing done by satellite, and on-site measurements, where they get the details

    personally I think it’s a bit disrespectful the malay gov not sending a group of scientist right away to check this closely… they have nothing yet, and they wanna “check credibility”? here’s a way of checking credibility, send a group of specialists right away to visit the place, case closed…

  8. Kevin says:

    Like I have said, all along, the plane was hijacked and they were heading to the tallest building in the world. Only one way for a plane to one up the twin towers.

  9. robert says:

    “There’s a sucker born every minute” is the best way to describe why GeoResonance has gathered so much press this week. The real investigators dismissed their report because GeoResonance has nothing to add to locating this lost airplane. GeoResonance is a tiny private company built on smoke and mirrors desperate to get free publicity. Their “technology” is not even capable of imaging airplanes sitting on the surface of an airfield. They were asked to produce repeatable images of other aircraft, either above or underwater and could not. This is a disgusting scam that risks distracting the investigators further now because of the news storm they have created.

    If you want to verify for yourself, just go to the GeoResonance web site and read their claim to have “located” the Armenia in 2005 which sunk in the Black Sea. In fact the ship has not been found but GeoResonance continues to advertise that their magic “technology” was successful. Enough said.

  10. Simon Gunson says:

    At a conference for Chinese relatives on 29 April Malaysian officials claimed that “nearly 20 minutes” after last voice contact with MH370 near IGARI at 17:19 UTC it allegedly reappeared west of Penang. We are talking here about a distance of 240-250nm and would have taken more than 30 minutes to make such a flight at 35,000ft.

    If as Malaysia claims MH370 dropped to 5,000ft then airspeed would have reduced to 250kt and the trip west would have taken a full hour.

    This proves that military radar at Butterworth never flew west… never appeared in the Straits of Malacca

    • Simon Gunson says:

      Oops, I mean that MH370 never flew west.

    • Simon Russ says:

      Why do yo assume 250KTAS at 5000′?
      At 5000′ the aircraft could have achieved over 580 KTAS. 26 minutes in nil wind…….

  11. john wallace says:

    Question: How far will a jet engine, the likes of a 777 fly at 5000 ft without sustaining serious engine damage or complete failure? –Undoubtedly on many occasions during WW2 on return from Europe planes flew very close to the water – lots of time only having one engine remaining — a little different with reciprocating engines I would think.