MH370 search enters Day 30

A total of 10 military aircraft, two civilian aircraft and 13 ships are assisting in today’s search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The Australian-led Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) said the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) had three separate search areas planned for today covering an area about 2,000 kilometres north west of Perth, with a total of approximately 216,000 square kilometres.

The agency reiterated that the latest pulse signal detected by the Chinese vessel still could not be verified at this point of time, adding that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau continued in its efforts to refine the data analysis.

Reuters news agency reports that the Chinese patrol ship Haixun 01, had picked up a fleeting “ping” signal twice in recent days in waters west of Perth, near where investigators believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went down on March 8. Australia’s HMAS Ocean Shield is also reported to have detected a separate “acoustic event” some 300 nautical miles away.

Retired Australian Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston who is leading the search effort told reporters in Perth that Haixun 01 had detected a signal on Saturday within 1.4 miles of the signal detected on the previous day, for a period of 90 seconds. He said that China also reported seeing white objects floating in the sea in the area.

Houston said the British Navy’s HMS Echo, which is equipped with advanced sonar detection technology, is moving to the area where the Haixun 01 detected the signals. The Australian Navy’s Ocean Shield, which is carrying high-tech sound detectors from the US Navy, will also travel to the area after first investigating the sound detected 300 nautical miles away from the Haixun 01 site. He said Australian air force assets were also being deployed into Haixun 01’s area.

“Weather in the search area is expected to be good with a cloud base of 2,500 feet and visibility greater than 10 kilometres,” said the JACC.

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