French strike impact threat recedes

The largest of the French air traffic control unions has withdrawn its call for strike action, according to the body in charge of the European air traffic network.

“The remaining union strike call is still in place. This may mean that the strike is less strongly followed but it not possible to confirm at this stage. All NOTAMS remain valid until cancelled or revised,” warns Brussels-based Eurocontrol.

A 20 per cent reduction for traffic leaving Paris TMA airports to the south and south west has been mandated for today.

A decision will be made by French air traffic control agency DSNA and civil aviation officials at the DGAC today whether further reductions will be required for tomorrow.

Belgian air traffic control Belgocontrol meanwhile remains in negotiations with its union which is threatening to strike. If the strike call is not cancelled, action is expected to commence tomorrow at 15.00 GMT for 24 hours.

Eurocontrol said it was trying to solve the expected flight delays by using Algerian and Tunisian airspace to access Spain, Tango oceanic routes as well as alternative routes for traffic.

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