Bird control lasers debut at UK’s Southampton

Southampton Airport has become the first airport in the United Kingdom to enhance the use of the Aerolaser technology for bird strike prevention.

The Aerolaser represents an innovative step, increasing the efficiency of bird strike prevention tactics and makes airside operations even safer.

The airport currently uses a variety of methods to discourage and repel birds from the runway area including habitat management, broadcasting of bird distress calls, pyrotechnics and an earlier model of the handheld laser.

The enhanced laser technology simulates a physical danger to the birds, causing the bird to fly away to protect itself. The new Aerolaser also includes the patented ‘Horizon Safety’ feature which disables the laser past a certain height, eliminating the risk of the beam being shone directly at aircraft and air traffic control tower. The laser is also optimised for use in bright conditions, making it much more effective in daylight hours, and has a range of 2,500 metres.

Dan Townsend, airside operations manager, at Southampton Airport, said We are delighted to be leading the way in the UK with this enhanced technology as we are constantly striving to enhance our methods of bird strike prevention. The team here at Southampton Airport have had great success in implementing the Aerolaser and are very impressed with the results.”

Steinar Henskes, CEO of Bird Control Group said: “We are very pleased with the interest of Southampton Airport in innovation. By having Southampton Airport as customers, we successfully validated our Aerolaser products with the goal of also increasing safety at other airports.”

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