Europe's tracking technology deadline slips

Europe will align the deadline it has set its airlines to equip with  ADS-B Out aircraft tracking equipment to reflect later US timeframes.
The current ADS-B Out requirement in Europe is January 8, 2015, for new aircraft, with retrofit installations due December 7, 2017. That has now been changed to June 8, 2016, for new aircraft and June 7, 2020, for retrofit. The US ADS-B Out fleet-wide mandate is set at January 2020.
Meanwhile Federal Aviation Administration chief Michael Huerta has warned industry there is no chance of the 2020 deadline being relaxed. Speaking at this year’s EAA AirVenture, Huerta said: “ADS-B Out is one of the foundational elements of NextGen and it allows us to bring you many benefits. I know many of you are concerned about the 2020 mandate to equip with ADS-B Out. There’s still a five-and-a-half-year window to get that done, but the date is firm. I encourage you to equip before the deadline to avoid delays at repair stations as the deadline draws closer.”
The European Commission has announced its intention to change the regulation although it is not official until voted for by the European Union’s Single Sky Committee. It will then be adopted by the European Commission.
A Commission spokesman tells Air Traffic Management that the revision of the ADS-B out mandate will be conducted in two steps: “The first step that has just been decided consists of a first revision of mandate namely the application dates for airborne equipment. The second step will review and reassess the mandate in depth; this second step will start now and should result in concrete proposals by the end of the next year if all goes well.”