Beontra, CPH partner in consultancy

BEONTRA, a Lockheed Martin Company, and Copenhagen Airport (CPH) are partnering to offer a new consulting service to help airports maximize available data to improve operations.

Airports have an abundance of data that goes unused during operational planning. The joint Lockheed Martin and CPH consultancy service will help airports analyze data and optimize processes to get the most out of their operations. The end result is that airports will increase passenger satisfaction while using the airports’ existing infrastructure, which is critical as terminal expansion is a costly investment.

CPH, which the Air Transport Research Society has named the “Most Efficient Airport in Europe” for nine out of the past eleven years, has successfully applied data analysis to realize significant cost savings. The airport saved $10 million a year through improved staff planning at security checkpoints and an additional $25 million for check-in by operating within the airport terminal’s current infrastructure.

“After working closely with Copenhagen Airport and experiencing its proficiency, creating a consultancy partnership seemed like a logical next step in further developing our relationship,” said Christian Roth, CEO of BEONTRA, a Lockheed Martin Company. “We are confident that CPH’s expertise and hands-on knowledge combined with our Scenario Planning Suite would prove valuable for almost every airport.”

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