New NextGen rollout roadmap tipped for October

The US Federal Aviation Administration is preparing to publish crucial NextGen milestones and metrics by October 18, according to the agency executive charged with keeping the multi-billion dollar modernisation effort on track.

In a speech addressed to this year’s Air Safety Forum assistant administra­tor Edward Bolton said the agency is committed to ‘finalising a new plan and sticking with it through 2025’.

“My commitment to you is that by 18 October you’ll have a plan with my signature on it that has milestones, timelines, metrics and costs by location, to deliver capability in the one-to-three year timeframe in these areas,” Bolton told delegates.

It will likely provide far more detail than the 2014 NextGen Implementation Plan (NGIP) which outlines the status of six programmes that either provide capabilities or infrastructure upon which critical NextGen capabilities will be built.

The new targets were drawn from the same internal planning documents used in the creation of the NGIP, and, therefore, both documents should be in broad agreement.

Target dates for a specific initial set of NextGen capabilities already in develop­ment will however be mapped in detail.

The crucial policy document will also be aligned with priorities set by the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC).

NAC also said it is on track to present four near-term priorities for NextGen in September which include: Performance Based Navigation (PBN), surface opera­tions, multiple runway operations, and Controller Pilot Data Link Communica­tions (CPDLC).

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