OFNAC selects Airbus ProSky for Cap-Haïtien

Office National de L’Aviation Civile (OFNAC) will partner with Airbus ProSky to design the airspace of Cap-Haïtien International Airport.
As the second phase of the Haiti National airspace optimisation programme, Airbus ProSky will support the deployment of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures in the terminal airspace of Cap-Haïtien Airport.
Through implementation of highly efficient Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures, the Airport will be able to accommodate the request of several Airlines to increase operations.
The implementation of the Cap-Haïtien Airport PBN airspace will be similar to the methodology used for the Port-au-Prince International Airport. Airbus ProSky will coordinate with OFNAC, IATA and the operators to propose a relevant PBN concept of operations.The current on-going deployment of Port-au-Prince will be taken into consideration to ensure the interoperability of the two airspaces.
The RNP procedures will enhance the traffic flow into the Cap-Haïtien (CAP) International airport terminal airspace while increasing safety. This new airspace is necessary following the airport ground infrastructure improvement recently performed along with the runway threshold modification and the runway extension.
Airbus ProSky, by combining its operational knowledge, Air Traffic Management expertise and procedure design, has proven to be extremely successful when proposing a concept of operations that meet the needs of both pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
Leopold Martin Roumer, OFNAC General Director, said that Airbus ProSky has the full confidence of OFNAC in the deployment of an efficient concept of operations that will exceed the expectations of OFNAC and the airlines. Airbus ProSky, with its proven experience in PBN implementation, was the natural partner for this key project. “We are extremely happy with the on-going PBN implementation at Port-au-Prince International Airport and we wanted to extend our partnership with Airbus ProSky to Cap-Haïtien.”
Rafael Alonso-Nivez, Regional Director Latin America & Caribbean, Airbus ProSky added: “Gaining the recognition of OFNAC and extending our close relationship to the Cap-Haïtien project is very rewarding. Transforming an airspace through PBN procedures implementation is a complex project and we are proud to be considered as a reliable partner by Civil Aviation Authorities and Airlines.”