Aveillant pioneers win industry accolade

AvAveillant’s innovative holographic radar which is real-time, 3D spectrum efficient has won a UK engineering and technology (IET) award.

The innovation means that two key issues for aviation surveillance are eliminated; firstly the amount of spectrum required by surveillance radar can be reduced and it also solves the problem of wind turbine clutter on Air Traffic Control (ATC) primary surveillance radars.

Existing primary radar scan a narrow beam in a circle. This method observes other objects only briefly, and cannot distinguish between different kinds of objects, so turbines, for example, cannot be identified. Holographic Radar, however, operates quite differently – it observes the complete airspace, including turbines and aircraft, continuously and gathers information on all objects that are detected, identifies the targets, and removes them as appropriate.

It is the only solution that completely solves the airport’s problem of multiple wind farms, which will only grow into a bigger problem in the coming years.  Holographic Radar increases the probability of detection over a wind farm to 99%+. Furthermore, a single Holographic Radar can support multiple primary surveillance adars (PSRs) in different airport locations.

Tim Quilter, Aveillant’s engineering director, said: “We were shortlisted amongst other great institutions such as NATS, University College London, LeddarTech, Universitat Politècnica de València and Xidian University. This is recognition of a UK company supporting the aviation and renewable industries. With products ranging from deployable units to 40-mile regional surveillance solutions, designed and built to achieve current regulatory requirements, our 3D Holographic Radar is future-proofed to support upcoming developments.”

The UK’s IET is one of the largest engineering membership organisations in the world and is supported by the department for British Innovation and Skills.

* Aveillant is further strengthening its board with the appointment of Sir Colin Terry  as non-executive director.  A chartered engineer with extensive civil aerospace, military and industrial experience, Sir Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business as it looks to further the commercial deployment of its air surveillance 3D Holographic Radar.

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