FAA launches airport safety video series

The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a new safety information video series for airport operators and airport employees.

The videos will provide the airport community with information that will help them continue to operate the nations airports safely and efficiently.

Through the web-based video series, the FAA’s airports staff will share new information, safety reminders, best practices, and lessons learned that can benefit airport operators.

The first video, entitled Airport Winter Safety Operations, addresses the steps that airport operators should take during inclement weather to operate safely.

The video also updates airport operators on some important changes the industry can expect to see over the next few years. The FAA is standardizing the terminology for airport contaminants, such as snow and ice, and is developing new ways to assess and report airport field conditions.

The FAA recently updated Order 7930.2, which establishes the list of contaminants that industry should use to report surface conditions. A few examples include ice, slush, wet snow, or dry snow over ice.

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