EASA launches probe into military activity

European aviation safety experts have been tasked by Brussels to investigate a series of near misses between passenger and military aircraft whose transponders had been deactivated.

According to a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) statement, the incidents which have been reported by various nations have taken place over the sea at the European Union border.

The transponder of the military aircraft were inactive and it was not possible to establish a radio contact with them, presenting an immediate safety hazard to civil aviation.

EASA did not identify these military aircraft, but it is known that there has been increased activity involving the Russian air force in the past months.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said last month that there been 400 intercepts of Russian military flights this year, up 50 per cent from 2013.

EASA said it would seek to establish “appropriate solutions and follow-up measures to address such events at the European level” and  plans to deliver its recommendations to the European Commission in March.

Patrick Ky, EASA executive director said: “This is a very serious issue. We will consult and interview all the relevant civil and military bodies in order to gather the necessary information to complete our analysis.”

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