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HeaderData Burst
Europe now needs to work hard to salvage a crucial technological enabler of the Single European Sky if datalink deployment is not to impact on the momentum of SESAR rollout…Read More

Europe selects its Deployment Manager
A unique aviation industry partnership has been charged with the role of Deployment Manager, coordinating and synchronising €3 billion worth of upgrades to the continent’s …
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Inmarsat, ESA sign Iris Precursor partnership
Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband Safety service is to play an integral part in the future European air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure. Inmarsat has signed a contract with …
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Space Odyssey
Europe has opted for a multi-mode commercial rather than a dedicated satellite-based data exchange system. ATM assesses the options available …
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New NZ rules proposed for unmanned aircraft
Industry will soon have its say on proposed rules governing how unmanned aircraft will operate in New Zealand airspace. Commonly known as UAVs, drones or …
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Europe satisfied with drone privacy safeguards
A Brussels probe into the social impact of widespread drone use is satisfied that today’s rules governing privacy, data protection and ethics is sufficiently robust …
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NATS backs down on DFS Gatwick win
UK-based air traffic control business NATS has dropped its court action to block Gatwick airport chiefs from concluding a deal with German rival DFS to …
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On Track?
Exactly how airlines will be persuaded to comply with imminent industry proposals designed to improve aircraft tracking throughout the global fleet remains unclear …
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