Ukraine ATC safety standards judged excellent

European air navigation safety agency Eurocontrol and industry body CANSO have together confirmed the high level of flights safety in the Ukrainian airspace and UkSATSE’s reliability as a provider.
The survey was conducted within the framework of a joint Eurocontrol/CANSO project – SMS Standard of Excellence Measurement 2014 where European Union-wide performance targets for the air traffic management network and alert thresholds in the European Union are set by the European Commission.
According to that international survey, UkSATSE’s overall maturity stands at 82.75 per cent which ranks it at the Second Level.
UkSATSE was ranked 13th out of 45 air navigation services providers in Europe. Moreover, the gap with the top rating providers is only 5-6 per cent, the leader receiving 89 per cent.
“Assessment of the current UkSATSE SMS maturity, made by such influential international organisations as Eurocontrol and CANSO, is very important for the company. Our rank is an additional confirmation of the high level of flights safety in the Ukrainian sky and reliability of UkSATSE as a provider of the European standard,” said UkSATSE director Dmytro Babeichuk.
During the second reporting period in 2015-2019 within A to E scale (5 positions) air navigation service providers shall achieve at least D level (the fourth position) for such management targets: safety policy and objectives; safety risk management; safety assurance; safety promotion; and at least C level (the third position) for safety culture.
In order to comply with those requirements of the international community, in the next five years UkSATSE needs to move to a higher level only in three study areas: Safety culture, Safety Assurance and Safety Performance Monitoring. These will be the priority areas for further improvement of the existing UkSATSE safety management system.