Austro Control’s hybrid conventional-RNP at Innsbruck hailed a major success by airlines

Austro Control has published Europe’s first “hybrid” conventional-RNP procedure in Innsbruck – the first certificated hybrid landing approach in Europe.

One European airline said the procedure which has now been operational for one year combines the best of both worlds – traditional radio-based instrument landing systems to the new required navigation performance procedure.

The approach – dubbed the LOC R or “Localizer Romeo” approach runway 26 – follows a conventional localiser to the missed approach point before transitioning to an RNP missed approach procedure, thereby combining the “best of both worlds” in terms of protection areas, which lead to a 120m benefit in lowering the decision height compared to the existing RNP AR approach to Innsbruck’s runway 26.

Before publication, the approach was designed and tested in close cooperation with various airlines (e.g. Transavia, Scandinavian, Air Berlin und Austrian Airlines) and has since then met with high acclaim from the operators. In the ongoing winter season, the LOC R procedure has led to a significant reduction of weather-induced diversions from Innsbruck and thereby consistently stabilized flight operations to the airport.

To further complement its portfolio of RNP procedures at the terrain-challenged Tyrolean airport, Austro Control also published another RNP AR Approach to the opposite runway direction (08) in July 2014.

Austro Control has a long tradition in designing innovative RNP procedures, which goes back to the publication of the first European RNP AR Approach in 2004.

In the past years, other “high end” procedures followed, such as LPV approaches for Linz and Graz, as well as another RNP AR approach to the airport of Salzburg through Alpine terrain from the South.

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