WATM: DSNA, ENAV boost ERATO cooperation

France’s DSNA and Italian counterpart ENAV have decided to reinforce their cooperation to  develop  and  deploy  ERATO  in  France  and  Italy  in  2015


DSNA and ENAV teams will further develop an ERATO tool providing a European solution for conflict detection and resolution. A common call-for-tender for this development of the ERATO server will be published during the second quarter of 2015.


ERATO is a modern, Mid-Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) tool for air traffic controllers, designed by DSNA. It integrates innovative functions that provide helpful assistance to conflict resolution in an electronic environment. 

Live  trials  in  France  and  real-time  simulations  in  Italy have  demonstrated  the numerous benefits inherent in ERATO: it enhances ATM systems and contributes to improving both safety and capacity.


Around 700  controllers starting  in  Brest,  Bordeaux  and  Brindisi  and  continuing  in  other ACCs  will  be  using  ERATO  in  2015.  Then,  ERATO functions will  gradually  be  integrated into  DSNA  and  ENAV’s  new  generation,  innovative  ATM  system  –  the  4-Flight programme

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