WATM: Dutch Caribbean orders flow study

The Dutch Caribbean air navigation service provider is partnering with Airbus ProSky for a comprehensive Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) deployment initiated by an airspace study as a first phase.

The study, which will be delivered by Metron Aviation, part of the Airbus ProSky group, will examine demand and capacity issues in the Curaçao FIR which will pave the path for an efficient and tailored ATFM solution to address the issues and trends within the airspace.

“The study will be key to assessing what air traffic flow issues we might have over the coming decades,” said Jacques Lasten, manager, ATM, at DC-ANSP. “We will utilize the recommendations to ensure DC-ANSP is equipped to handle capacity demands while ensuring airlines the most efficient service possible.”

According to CANSO, ATM in Latin America and the Caribbean is crucial to safely and efficiently handling growth in the region. Along with ICAO’s Aviation Systems Block Upgrade (ASBU’s), air traffic management upgrades will lead to greater harmonization of airspace and better management of traffic flows. By investing in this study, DC-ANSP is proactively planning for the future of aviation.

“The Caribbean region has made great strides in improving their ATM performance, and they will continue to progress in order to face the impressive traffic increase that has occurred in the recent years,” said Airbus ProSky CEO Paul-Franck Bijou. “We’re pleased to partner with DC-ANSP for this study and believe it will provide a strong foundation for their ATFM strategy. They are at the forefront of the Caribbean and we look forward to helping them continue to make efficiency and capacity enhancements.”

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