Threat of French industrial action lifted

snctaFrench air traffic controller union SNCTA has confirmed that the threat of strike action on April 16-18 has been lifted.
SNCTA said it had made progress with French aviation authorities in its demands for renewed talks over working practices and extending retirement age, currently set at 59.
Industrial action by the French controller workforce forced many airlines last week to suspend half their planned flight schedule over a 48 hour period.

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The strike caused chaos for passengers flying to and from France and delays to all flights crossing French airspace, with inevitable knock-on effects across Europe.
Airlines were instructed on April 8-9 to scrap up to 50 per cent of the 4,000 services that would begin or end in France during a normal day in order to cope with the disruption, according to DGAC, France’s civil aviation authority.
SNCTA, France’s biggest air traffic controllers’ union, also threatened to hold further strike action on 2 May, causing further disruption to one of the busiest airspaces in Europe.
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  1. Whilst I sympathise with air controllers concerns strike action of this nature is unjustified. Fortunately for me the strike has been lifted for when my family of 7 fly. This is a family celebration that has taken months of planning, requests for time off with various employers and a significant financial outlay. this celebration cannot be postponed as the moment will have passed. It then made me think about others with major lifetime events like Weddings, Funerals that will be effected. I spent an entire week researching alternative travel arrangements. Insurance and money will not replace the occasion lost.

    • I agree. I am taking my children to Disney Paris during that weekend. It’s been planned for months. We will all be devastated if the flight is cancelled, and no doubt, train/Eurostar costs will triple nearer the time. As we all know, the prices are cheaper the further in advance they are booked!

  2. Does anyone know when they will make a decision about the April 29th-May 2nd strike? We are getting married in France on 2nd May, if the strike goes ahead it is unlikely any of our guests will be able to join us. I have been searching for alternative travel options but is it limited and expensive plus we can’t make alternative plans whilst no definite decision has been made.
    Over 12 months of planning, a large amount of money already spent and the happiest day of my life are all hanging on this decision.

    • We don’t know as yet but the start of talks this week is a good sign. We will keep you posted.

  3. Don’t feel sorry for French Air traffic controllers. They are the highest paid and shortest hours in Europe, possibly the world! As usual they are causing chaos because sensibility dictates that their working practices slowly have to be brought into the real world.

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