French strike threat April 29-May 2 lifted

rogrThe French air traffic control strike called for April 29 – May 2 has been cancelled.

“Having been assured of the firm nature of the proposals tabled on 13 April by the cabinet of Mr Vidalies, the French secretary of state for transport, and to enable passengers to remove all uncertainty about their air travel plans in this holiday period, SNCTA has opted to suspend its strike notice,” SNCTA, France’s largest air traffic controllers’ union, said in a statement.

“However, it will remain extremely vigilant over the application of the terms and deadlines of the Government proposal presented earlier this week by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC) and by the management of the French air navigation service provider (DSNA).”

French air traffic controller union SNCTA this week also called off the threat of the earlier April 16-18 strike action.

SNCTA then said it had made progress with French aviation authorities in its demands for renewed talks over working practices and extending retirement age, currently set at 59.

Industrial action by the French controller workforce forced many airlines last week to suspend half their planned flight schedule over a 48 hour period.

The strike caused chaos for passengers flying to and from France and delays to all flights crossing French airspace, with inevitable knock-on effects across Europe.

Airlines were instructed on April 8-9 to scrap up to 50 per cent of the 4,000 services that would begin or end in France during a normal day in order to cope with the disruption, according to DGAC, France’s civil aviation authority.


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17 Responses to French strike threat April 29-May 2 lifted

  1. fred derf says:

    sadly these folks screwed themselves as far as this traveler is concerned. Lost over $500 in unrefundable hotel and ticket prepays for a trip planned to paris months ago that happened to fall on their strike period in early april (along with the general french labor strike that week as well). of course, my response is never again – i will refuse to enter france or spend $1 in france ever again. sorry jerks but unions might as well call themselves thieves as far as i’m concerned. reagan had the right idea – fire them all and never let them craw back on their slimy bellies.

    • Matt says:

      Any chance you can extend that refusal to visit to the rest of Europe please? We’d rather you consigned your views to the US and stayed there.

      Thanks in advance,
      The rest of Europe.

  2. jake says:

    Hey, give Fred a break, he lost his holiday and his money. OK, he’s not exactly couth, but the Americans like to let rip when they’ve been messed around. Why do we have to put up with a small bunch of guys messing up half the skies of Europe? They retire at 59 for goodness sake!

    • Yoodles says:

      Small guys?? If they were ‘big’ guys, they wouldn’t need a union…they could just earn their 3 million or more a year and fly on their private jets.

    • Joe says:

      i agree , these union dominated ‘public servants’ should get a grip on the effect of their actions on the travelling peasants who actually fund their cosy jobs and lifetime pensions . They wouldnt last a week in the private sector

  3. Scott says:

    Typical American responses based on incorrect stereotypes. And most of them do’t reciognize the ways that visitors to US are also inconvenienced. And retiring at 59 is better than the American plan. Another typical American response that really has nothing to do with the topic. Most Americans should just stay home and get a subscription to National Geographic. The rest of the world does not exist as a playground or as a museum piece for their benefit. And I am an American, but I cringe at the ignorance of most of my fellows.

  4. Grainne McDonnell says:

    I have two little words to contribute to this debate: Travel Insurance!!

    • diane holmes says:

      travel insurance doesn’t pay up on strikes you only get your flight returned by the airline .So independent travellers loose their accommodation and car hire charges and suffer sleepless night s prior to flight T hank god they called it off.

  5. Chris says:

    Well said Scott. Before criticising others, the Americans should sort out their own customs and immigration officials who have to be the worst advert for the USA imaginable. Ignorant, rude and arrogant.

  6. Neil says:

    Has the strike threat really been lifted or is this just a rumour

  7. Neil says:

    Thanks for your reply. Now I book flights for next weekend to France with out risk of getting stranded.

  8. Douglas says:

    Bugger, now I have no excuse to miss the family gathering!!

  9. Andy Hecckles says:

    Give Fred a break guys, he wasn’t rude and I’m sure if a small group of nitwits messed up your holiday you wouldn’t say ah well, that’s fine. He’s completely justified in saying he’s not going to visit France. People with jobs that have such a huge impact should think harder and not hold the world to ransom. About time someone stood up to the French.

  10. John Sellers says:

    Thank goodness this strike has been halted. Ordinary working folk trying to take a holiday in nearby France risk losing their money and their sanity by these outragous actions. Do they realise it puts us off booking again.

  11. Rick says:

    Guys guys…. Some facts… These “poor workers” are on €200k per annum! Very little sympathy here for them.
    A Brit in France.