LFV first in the world with remote tower services

CDG9ZbGWgAASksCSweden’s air navigation service provider LFV has become the first in the world to launch remotely operated air traffic management.

In October, LFV secured operational approval for commencing remote tower services from its Remote Tower Centre (RTC) in Sundsvall, serving Örnsköldsvik airport over 150 km away, paving the way for today’s operational launch of 24-hour services.

The October certification milestone meant that all technologies and operational procedures met key industry and regulatory criteria for providing air traffic control services.

The technology has been developed by Saab in close partnership with the Swedish air navigation service provider, LFV to meet air traffic controllers’ operational needs.

The RTC utilizes multiple high-definition displays, various input devices and new air traffic controller tools that provide the same functionality as those already in use at Örnsköldsvik’s tower.

CDGz9ueW8AAr0wJThe Saab product suite includes high definition cameras and pan-tilt-zoom cameras, surveillance and meteorological sensors, microphones, signal light guns and other devices for deployment at the airport.

Data from these sensors are sent to a remote tower centre (RTC) and are displayed in real time, making it possible to retain air traffic services at low traffic airports and even help to improve safety and lower costs.

“Remote Tower Services is a development programme that we are very proud of. We are the first operator in the world to receive operational approval and there is a lot of interest among our customers in Sweden and around the world. RTS is an important product for us and our partners.  It gives us a good position and strong competitiveness,” said Olle Sundin, LFV’s director-general.

“We see a great interest from both small and large airports that have a need for Remote Tower Services in order to address the challenges that they face. This system contributes toward greater efficiency and today marks the start of an exciting development to which Saab has a lot to offer,” added Håkan Buskhe, president and CEO of Saab.


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