Moog strikes exclusive licensing QinetiQ deal

Moog and QinetiQ have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for QinetiQ’s Tarsier airport runway foreign object debris (FOD) detection system.

The exclusive agreement will provide Moog’s established customer base access to the latest FOD detection technologies for airport runways and will provide QinetiQ immediate access to Moog’s global sales channel with civil and military customer relationships throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

The Tarsier FOD detection system quickly scans the runway using a combination of radar and electro-optical sensors. The combination of sensors provides the ability to detect and pinpoint the location of FOD on the runway day and night and in a wide range of adverse weather conditions. The system has been successfully deployed in several high traffic density airports including London’s Heathrow Airport and Canada’s Vancouver International Airport.

“Our mission is to offer customers the best solutions available on the market,” said John Willey, executive general manager of Moog NaSS. “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to add the QinetiQ Tarsier FOD detection system to our portfolio of products and managed services.”

Moog, a business unit within Moog Inc., has been supplying advanced navigation and surveillance systems to civil and military customers since the 1960s. Its product offering includes fixed, naval and mobile TACANs, DMEs and DF systems which are currently operating in more than 100 countries around the globe, providing for safe and efficient air travel. Moog also provides full service maintenance services to its major customers.


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