Air traffic operations resume at Brussels

shotBelgian airspace partially reopened shortly after 2 pm local time after five hours of closure as controllers started to gradually bring systems back up.

United Airlines UA998 bound for Newark N.J. was the first flight to take off from Brussels Airport at 2.07 pm local time, after having been delayed for over four hours. Long haul, widebody aircraft are being given highest priority as operations resume.

Brussels Airport had earlier warned that operations could be halted until 5.30 pm today (15.30 UTC) because of a power failure which hit air traffic control.

It has now confirmed that air traffic operations were gradually restarted at 2 pm. The technical failure at air traffic control provider Belgocontrol meant no takeoffs or landings had been possible at Brussels Airport from 9.35 am.

“Delays remain to be expected. Several flights have been cancelled or were diverted to airports in the vicinity.” it said

The power failure has caused huge disruption to journeys in and out of Brussels Airport. Aircraft have been diverted to airports around Europe, including Frankfurt, Paris and Maastricht Aachen.

Network Manager Eurocontrol said the Brussels FIR closure had not affected overflights operating above FL245, which are run by Maastricht. At 12.30 UTC Brussels Airport reported the power outage had caused 147 cancellations and 32 diversions affecting 20,000 passengers.

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