Deakin steps down, Rolfe steps in at NATS

Richard Deakin is standing down as the chief executive officer of UK-based air traffic control business NATS after five years.

To ensure continuity, NATS managing director of operations Martin Rolfe has been appointed to the role with immediate effect. Deakin will be available to assist with the transition until the end of June. 

Dr Paul Golby, chairman of NATS, said: “During the past five years, Richard has led NATS through a period of continued operational and financial improvement. Under his leadership the company has delivered high levels of safety and service as well as a strong financial performance for our shareholders.

When I became chairman in September of last year, we were coming to the end of a five-year programme of operational improvement and the regulatory period. As the company embarks on the new regulatory period and prepares to implement the Single European Sky initiative, the Board and Richard have agreed that now is an appropriate time to make a change to the leadership of the company, and to bring a new perspective and approach. We would like to thank Richard and wish him well in the future.

NATS chiefs said the business has launched a search process to identify and appoint a successor from both internal and external candidates.

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2 Responses to Deakin steps down, Rolfe steps in at NATS

  1. Job Brüggen says:

    Have NATS already communicated what the desired “new perspective and approach” actually is?