Singapore launches one-stop UAS portal

Those interested in operating an unmanned aircraft in Singapore can now go to the one-stop online portal on the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) website to check and apply for the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

This follows the coming into force of the Unmanned Aircraft (Public Safety and Security) Act 2015. Together with amendments to the Air Navigation Order (ANO), an enhanced regulatory and permit framework for unmanned aircraft operations in Singapore has been put in place.

An operator permit will be granted by CAAS if the applicant is able to ensure safe operation of unmanned aircraft, taking into account the applicant’s organisational set-up, competency of the personnel especially those flying the unmanned aircraft.

CAAS will be the one-stop for the application of all permits for unmanned aircraft operations. CAAS will process and coordinate with other relevant agencies on the evaluation of applications for any permit, and respond to the applicants on the outcome of their application.

The expected processing time for an application is two weeks, although straightforward cases or applications for activity permits by operator permit holders may be quicker.

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