The invisible made visible

Luciad-11Air Traffic Management magazine has teamed with Luciad to showcase its stunning 3-D visualisation software on its own homepage.
To demonstrate Luciad’s new capabilities, the company created the application that interactively visualises 70,000 flights across the world during a 24-hour period.
The free app offers users a new perspective on air traffic data provided by the FlightRadar24 flight tracking service. Users can move around the globe, select and zoom in on either airports or airlines, allowing them to understand the complexity, and beauty, of air traffic.
“Luciad is specialised in solving complex situations that require real-time situational awareness,” said Luciad chief executive Marc Melviez. “Traditionally, such applications were only available to users in demanding industries such as aviation and defence and needed to run on powerful desktop computers. Now we have a solution that runs efficiently on any device and allows users to view their data in a beautiful and instinctive way.”
Luciad’s web solution extends beyond flights, explained Melviez, and can be applied to any moving things such as vehicles, pallets, packages and mobile phones.
“The technology and its ability to show extremely large amounts of moving things will drive innovation and generate countless new business opportunities in the months and years to come,” Melviez said. The free web app is available online at