Automated FODetect deployed in Seattle

The Port of Seattle has deployed a state-of-the-art runway management solution RunWize, which includes FODetect, automated Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection and BirdWize, ground level bird hazard management, developed by Xsight Systems and integrated by prime contractor Leidos.

RunWize has been deployed on the newly rebuilt centre runway and ready for the runway opening, after successfully passing site acceptance testing.

RunWize improves the daily operation of airport runways by increasing safety and efficiency. Its superb detection capabilities are derived from a unique hybrid optical-radar remote-sensing technology and strategic positioning of its sensors alongside the runway, collocated with the runway edge lights. Besides greatly reducing the risks associated with FOD, airports using RunWize benefit from a full video coverage of the runway. FODetect is fully compliant with FAA/FCC regulations for FOD Detection Equipment.

“This new system takes the next step to continuously monitor the runway for potential safety hazards so we can remove the debris in real-time rather than rely solely on physical inspections,” said Mike Ehl, director of operations and customer service at Sea-Tac airport.

RunWize was selected after professional evaluation by the Port of Seattle, and was installed as part of the centre runway improvement project. Integrated by Leidos subsidiary Varec, the contract has been executed on-time under a tight schedule linked to the runway reconstruction.

Xsight Systems’ FOD detection technology is the only one used in the US, and SEA-TAC is the second airport with an automated FOD detection system deployed on a full runway.

FODetect is operational and protecting aircraft operations at Logan Airport in Boston, Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. FODspot subsystem has been acquired by Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

“The FODetect system represents the best approach to meeting expanding operational demands for continuous monitoring for FOD at Seattle-Tacoma airport,” added Leidos Program Manager George Thuemling. “It will enable viable sensing, identifying and locating at a previously unprecedented level of speed and accuracy for objects as small as an aircraft rivets.”

Alon Nitzan, president & CEO of Xsight Systems said: “Airport operators can get a first row seat on what’s happening on their runway using our technology, and this is a paradigm change in the aviation world.”

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