FAA records 181,000 drone registrations

More than 181,000 drones have been registered in the US Federal Aviation Administration’s new drone registration database.

“We’re very encouraged by the numbers,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on January 6, aannouncing atotal of 181,061 registrations.

An initial 45,000 registrations were recorded when the system went live on December 21, although the new fugure falls well short of rampant sales during the Christmas period.

Huerta said he expected another jump toward the end of the three-month grace period for pilots who had drones before the database began. Registration requires drone users to enter their name and address in return for a registration number, which needs to be marked on their drone. The registration number will allow drones to be tracked back to their owner, altough the FAA said that the intiative is more focused on encouraging drone pilots to fly responsibly.

“Registration is all about safety,” said Huerta. “It provides a key opportunity to educate a new generation of airspace users that as soon as they begin flying outside, they become pilots.”

When registering, users are asked to confirm they understand the basic rules of consumer drone flight, such as the need to stay below 400 feet, fly during daylight, keep the drone within visual range and to not fly near airports.

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