JANS debuts new FACE flight data processing

Japan’s JANS launched its new flight data processing system named ‘Flight-object Administration Centre system’ (FACE), developed by NEC Corporation.

The FACE system – an essential feature of Japan’s next-generation ATC systems – can manage FO (Flight Object) in XML format while processing a conventional flight plan format simultaneously.

The FACE system is installed in Fukuoka and has a backup system based in Tokyo in the event of disaster.

Hitoshi Ishizaki, director general of JANS, said: “The activation of the FACE system, which will be the foundation of future technology, makes a great deal of sense to us. I am convinced that FACE will contribute to the tremendous demands of traffic not only in Fukuoka FIR but also in Asian Pacific region.”

“This is an integrated control information processing system developed to support air safety of Japan and meet the demands of increasing air traffic. After five  years of development and migration, today we successfully accomplished the first phase implementation of Flight Object Administration Center System (FACE),” said Yutaka Ukegawa, senior transport division vice president, NEC Corporation. “With all parties involved in air traffic control, NEC will continue to fulfill our responsibility with providing the world a safe and comfortable sky as a global leading ICT company.”

JANS is also developeing ‘trajectory based operations’ (TBO) to manage the increasing air traffic around Japan and FACE system is expected to be a powerful tool of TBO. JANS plans to update all ATC systems so they are compatible with ‘Flight Object’ (FO) over the next five years.

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