Drones ‘real’ threat to commercial aviation: IATA

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are a real and growing threat to the safety of commercial aviation, industry group IATA chief Tony Tyler has warned, calling for regulations to be put in place.

Tyler, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, said the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles is still evolving as people are only starting to discover the many potential, non-military applications of the technology.

“I am as excited as you are about the prospect of having pizza delivered by a drone,” he said at an aviation conference in Singapore on the eve of the Singapore Airshow.

“They are here to stay. But we cannot allow them to be a hindrance or safety threat to commercial aviation,” he told industry executives and air transport officials.

“We need a sensible approach to regulation and a pragmatic method of enforcement for those who disregard rules and regulations and put others in danger,” he added.

“The issue is real. We have plenty of pilot reports of drones where they were not expected, particularly at low altitudes around airports… There is no denying that there is a real and growing threat to the safety of civilian aircraft,” said Tyler.

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One Response to Drones ‘real’ threat to commercial aviation: IATA

  1. Hugo Sumarriba says:

    Dear Team
    It is a reality the non-military unmanned aircraft vehicle application technology ever seen before. The drones military application begun in the WWI, then WWII until now for Inteligente Surveillance and Reconaisance application in Kosovo, Afganistan and Irak with a quite successful on this war. The UAS military applications are the most effective and safety with respect of manned aircraft pilot system. Today it is too needed in the public and private sectors the UAS civil applications. The fact is the Standard and Recommendations Practices same as for manned aircraft pilot system. In this sense ICAO SARPs thru ASBU and AIREON space-based ADS-B is going with the RPAS. More even the standarization and armonization will be the core for solution the “real threat to comercial aviation” as IATA poste don Feb 16th 2016.
    So that of it and UAS should be categorized for only UAS Civil Applications as it is in military applications: Tier 1-2-3..