WATM: Esterline debuts Codis NetViz

World ATM Congress, 2016 Esterline Corporation has premiered its Codis NetViz streaming technology, offering real At-The-Glass recording capabilities.

Built in or retrofitted into Esterline’s 2Kx2K air-traffic control (ATC) display, images on the Codis MDP-471/4 main radar display are captured at the display, and both compressed and uncompressed data can be streamed losslessly for recording or real-time remote viewing and collaboration.

“We believe our NetViz technology offers system integrators an easy-to-package way to reduce air-traffic management (ATM) costs and optimize ATM operations,” said Steven Luys, vice president strategic marketing. “We are always looking for ways to innovate and upgrade our ATC line of business to meet market demands. Just like any business these days, ATC centres seek to cut costs, work more efficiently and collaborate more closely. Hence our idea to make this next-generation streaming solution available for our market-leading 2K2K Codis main radar display, with more than 15,000 units in the field.”

Lossless compression, low bandwidth Building on its expertise with the Codis rugged network adapters, which provide mission-critical KVM-over-IP, Esterline developed the NetViz At-The-Glass recording technology. NetViz technology captures the video, voice, metadata, etc., as close as possible to the LCD monitor glass: At The Glass. Both the compressed and uncompressed information can then be streamed losslessly for real-time viewing and collaboration and recording for future playback. The NetViz module allows streaming to multicast IP addresses, so that data can be viewed remotely at different locations simultaneously, exactly as it appears on the ATC display. Turn the IP flow around, and the Codis display acts like a zero client when using the uncompressed streaming features.

Easy to integrate The NetViz module comes built-in into Esterline’s Codis MDP-471/4 main radar display and can also be smoothly retrofitted into existing Codis displays. A dynamic library and product training are available to help business partners and customers integrate NetViz capabilities into their own installations. System integrators can easily include the technology into their platforms and offerings.

Cost savings NetViz technology is ideal for applications like shadowing the controller working position or training. The streaming module can help ATC centers optimize their operations and reduce costs, as no proprietary networking equipment is required and the low-bandwidth record stream minimizes the need for data storage.


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