WATM: NATS taps Thales safety net system

World ATM Congress, 2016 NATS, the UK’s main air navigation service provider, has accepted the Thales Safety Nets Server for use in Prestwick Centre Upper Airspace which will be integrated into a fully virtualised environment.

Based on the TopSky – Safety Nets, a core component of Thales’s market leading TopSky – ATC, this innovative technology guarantees earlier conflict detection and a lower nuisance alert rate than standard safety nets.

For system acceptance, NATS measured the Safety Nets Server performance on a challenging part of the London Terminal Control airspace, managed by the Swanwick Air Traffic Control Centre which is the busiest terminal environment in Europe. The assessment demonstrated that the Safety Net Server could be used in all future NATS operations and will assist NATS controllers in maintaining their outstanding safety record. NATS intends to deploy the Thales SNS for use in all operations by 2020.

NATS joins over 40 air navigation service providers across the globe that have already chosen TopSky –Safety Nets for their ATC centres. Thales is the leading manufacturing industry contributor to SESAR, where it has undertaken development and operational validation of TopSky – Safety Nets enhancements; further, the systems are fully compliant with ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades, Block 0 and 1.

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