Black Sea ANSPs tweak airspace for growth

Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey will today implement a significant airspace project at their respective airspace boundaries to better manage the significant increase in traffic, resulting from the crisis situation in the Black Sea area.

This follows on from the excellent 2015 performance of the countries’ air navigation service providers – BULATSA, ROMATSA and DHMI – when they handled a sizeable amount of traffic in a very complex situationext.

The latest improvement provides extra options at those interfaces and has the potential for allowing these ANSPs to safely and efficiently manage additional traffic flows.

“This improvement is the result of close cooperation by BULATSA, ROMATSA and DHMI with the Network Manager, responding to clear network needs at those interfaces,” said the Network Manager.

It added that it will closely monitor the situation in the area during the 2016 summer season to support all the ANSPs concerned in addressing any potentially complex situations.

In parallel, close cooperation between the Network Manager, EASA and the Ukrainian authorities also resulted in the removal of the EASA SIB concerning the routes L851 and M861 in the Kyiv UIR/Simferopol FIR, over the Black Sea. Those two routes are available for flight planning and airspace users are encouraged to assess their options in using these routes.

This overall package of routes in the Black Sea area will help create an appropriate operational environment for handling the expected traffic demand in summer 2016.

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