This Just In

If you’re craving the latest information on NextGen, look no further. The FAA’s NextGen Update: 2016 is now available online, with all new information on the agency’s most recent air traffic modernization accomplishments and plans for the years ahead.
The website enables you to check on the progress and plans for Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B), Performance Based Navigation (PBN), Data Communications (Data Comm), En Route Automation Modernization, the National Airspace System (NAS) Voice System, System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement, safety, the environment, controller decision support systems and more.
Among the accomplishments featured in the NextGen Update: 2016:

  • Data Comm has been deployed to nearly 20 towers at airports across the country, with a total of 56 planned by the end of 2016.
  • More than 18,400 general aviation and 470 commercial aircraft have equipped with ADS-B. Through the efforts of Equip 2020 (, more are being added every day.
  • Comprehensive PBN networks have been implemented in the Washington, D.C., Houston, North Texas and northern California metroplexes, increasing efficiency and reducing aircraft exhaust emissions.
  • SWIM data distribution tools are now moving vast amounts of aviation-related Big Data to more than 100 users, with more signing on all the time. In addition to airlines and other operators in the NAS, government agencies and businesses can access the data, if approved by the FAA to receive it.

The NextGen Update: 2016 also covers the close cooperation between the United States and other nations on air traffic control modernization. The site includes the latest on agreements with the European Union through the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research organization, as well as collaborative work through the International Civil Aviation Organization and with our partners in Asia.
The NextGen Update: 2016 is simple to navigate, making it easy for users to get up to speed quickly on NextGen progress and plans. Highlights at the top of each page, noting important points and recent accomplishments, provide at-a-glance summaries of the most critical information. The site will be updated  throughout the year  to keep the facts and figures current. If you’re looking for the latest NextGen developments, the NextGen Update: 2016 is all you need to know.