Inaer, Indra launch public service UAV project

Indra is teaming with Inaer to perform research to develop public service solutions using drone technology in the Spanish region of Galicia.
Specifically, the project will result in unmanned vehicle systems capable of firefighting, maritime rescue and surveillance, environment conservation applications, detection of spills at sea and urban planning, among other tasks.
The Galician region will invest €40 million, while Indra and Inaer will commit to a joint investment of €75 million in the project.
As part of the project’s R&D, Inaer will centralise in Galicia the development and manufacture of the LUMES unmanned helicopter designed for surveillance and support in decision-making during fire extinction activities.
Likewise, software applications to improve the efficiency of service provision to citizens in the fields of emergencies, urban management and natural resources will also be developed.
Indra also plans to establish at the Rozas airdrome in Galicia its Optionally Piloted Aircraft TARGUS, the first of its kind in Spain, supported by a mission and data processing centre for real-time collection and management of data sent by an UAV. It will also develop an Unmanned Sea Vehicle (USV), equipped with an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for gathering samples and fitted with shipwreck detection systems, maritime rescue equipment and firefighting systems, among other solutions.
Both companies were awarded the contract for this project last February.