Datalink through all French upper airspace

Controllers from the five French area control centres can provide ATC instruction of frequency transfer via datalink to all equipped aircraft above FL 195 (6,000 metres).
Air-ground data link communication is the baseline of advanced automated functions under development by the SESAR programme. With data link, ATM will be safer and more efficient in particular via a reduction of the number of repetitive messages and a frequency transfer at the most appropriate moment as well as the use of pre-formatted messages for air-ground exchanges.
In France, controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC) services are being implemented in several phases. A first set of three services (air-initiated log on, microphone check and frequency transfer) which have been available since September 2015 in Bordeaux and Brest ACCs have now been implemented at Paris, Reims and Aix-en-Provence ACCs which means that France is supporting frequency transfer by data link in all upper airspace.
All SITA equipped aircraft flying in the upper airspace i.e., more than 70 per cent of aircraft, can use the services. For ARINC equipped aircraft, the service will be available in March 2017.