EPN performs Croatia Control assessment

Training solutions provider Entry Point North has conducted an assessment centre for 15 future ACS and ADI air traffic controllers of Croatia Control.

The objective of the assessment was to select and assign the most suitable student profiles for the coming ACS and ADI rating training in order to maximise the success rate of the subsequent training.

Prior to the assessment, all 15 students had already successfully completed Basic ATM training in Zagreb. The participants were divided into two groups and the assessment took place over five days.

The students received theoretical lessons combined with intensive radar and tower hands-on simulator exercises followed by a specially designed questionnaire.

The practical training was performed using an Entry Point North mobile simulator solution which was shipped to Croatia for this specific assessment programme. At the end of the programme, the students were carefully assessed and profiled by Entry Point North ATC training experts in cooperation with ATC instructors from Croatia Control.

The unique and extensive Assessment centre programme is developed by Entry Point North and is based on its considerable experience in ATCO selection and the delivery of controller training courses worldwide.


On 23 May, 12 students of Croatia Control started their 20 weeks ACS rating training course at Entry Point North in Malmö.

Entry Point North is an internationally recognised academy with more than 100 employees and ATM consultants originating from over 19 countries and delivering training for more than 3300 students yearly. Our four modern training facilities are equipped with more than 230 state-of-the-art simulator positions and sixteen high resolution 3D-image tower simulators – two offering 360˚ representation, one 270˚ and thirteen with a 180˚field of view.


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