Vocality supports Brazilian ATC comms

The Material Park of Aeronautics of Rio de Janeiro, was faced with a major obstacle to overcome: the obsolescence of their current satellite communications system for one of the most mission critical applications, air traffic control. This satellite-based communications system provides almost all voice and data services to Air Force Command (COMAER) through 111 stations installed throughout the national Brazilian territory.

Vocality worked closely with the local partner, RSA Engineering, to replace the obsolete system while ensuring support for all existing voice and data communication protocols. The new system also had to meet the increased capacity for the data load requirements that have grown exponentially since 2000.

“RSA has supported the needs of PAME-RJ for many years. We were very aware of their challenges and pleased to identify Vocality as a possible solution. After the selection of Vocality was made, we found that their technology not only met the requirements, but exceeded expectations,” said Rivaldo da Silva, CEO RSA Engineering.

The use of Vocality’s next-generation technology, coupled with new satellite modems, provided approximately a 90% reduction in the satellite bandwidth used by each station. The updated system can now support up to 10 times more data, without increasing satellite bandwidth requirements. This resulted in an expected R$5,000,000 savings in leased capacity from the PAME-RJ satellite bandwidth providers.

”Vocality is very pleased to have worked with RSA on the design of this cost saving, mission critical system for the Brazilian Air Force. It’s wonderful to know that when I fly to Brazil, the aircraft I am on is in touch with ground control through Vocality,” added Paul Moskowitz, SVP Vocality Americas.

Smart remote monitoring and control capability allows a change in the preventive maintenance model of remote stations, reducing the need for on-site technicians for more than 80% of the maintenance procedures. Given the remote nature of the Brazilian deployments, this increases system uptime, while reducing ongoing costs.

The overall savings derived from the Vocality-based optimizations, reduced bandwidth and remote system management, will provide PAME-RJ with a two-year full return on investment.

Vocality designs products that enhance voice quality, increase video performance and improve data throughput across IP networks, including satellite and wireless.


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